Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rhodophyta its habits, Chlorophyta, and Rhizopoda

Rhodophyta: Red Algae
Have no flagellated life cycle stage
Not all are red
Most are multicellular
Also called seaweeds

Habit of Rhodophyta
l      Red aglae- lack flagellated stages in life cycle
l      Phycoerythin pigment
l      Marine and multicellular
l      Filamentous, delicately branched thalli (body)
l      Alternation of generations

Chlorophyta: (green algae)
Probably gave rise to land plants
Most are fresh water algae

l      Green algae –
l      have chloroplasts that resemble those of plants
l      Plants and green algae share common ancestor
l      Mostly fresh water
l      May be planktonic, inhabitants of damp soil, symbionts in other eukaryotes, or mutualistic partners with fungi (lichens)
l      Formation of colonies, repeated nuclear divisions to produce multinucleated filaments, and cell division and differentiation
l      Sexual and asexual staged life cycles
l      Some have alternation of generations

Diversity of protists use pseudopodia for movement
Most are heterotrophs and use pseuodpods to hunt for food
Unsure of their place in a phylogenetic tree
Rhizopoda (amoebas)
Actinopoda (heliozoans and radiolarians)
Actinopod means “ray foot”
Extensions of slender pseudopods
Heliozoans –
Fresh water habitat
Skeletons consist of silica

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