Sunday, November 15, 2009

Diplomonadida and Parabasala

Group that lacks mitochondria
Evolved before eukaryotes acquired mitochondria. But recent evidence may suggest that these groups actually lost their mitochondria
Multiple flagella.

Unicellular, flagellated, no chloroplasts or mitochondria
Anaerobic, use fermentation
Mutualistic or parasitic
Diplo’s have 2 nuclei (ex. Giardia)
Para’s have 1nuclei (ex. Trichomonas)

Giardia lamblia
Trichomona vaginalis
Two separate nuclei
l      Main Characteristic: Lack Mitochondria
l      However-presence of mitochondrial genes
l      Hypothesis that these groups lost mitochondria after diverged earliest in eukaryotic history
l      Diplomonads- i.e. Giardia lambia (intestinal parasite)-two nuclei, multiple flagella, simple cytoskeleton, no mitochondria or plastids

l      Parabasalids- called trichomonads, undulating membrane

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